Server Rules

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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:24 am

1.1 Do Not RDM
1.2 Do Not Attempt To RDM
1.3 Do Not Minge/Troll
1.4 Do Not Threaten The Server
1.5 Do Not FailRP
1.6 Do Not Sit On Objects You Are Not Meant to
1.7 Do Not Bunny Hop
1.8 Do Not Deliberately Disobey Orders
1.9 Do Not Be racist Or Sexist To Anyone
1.10 Do Not Use Hacks Or Cheats
1.11 Do Not Disrespect Anyone
1.12 Do Not advertise Another Server
1.13 Do Not Harass Staff In OOC Chat Use @ Chat
1.14 Do Not Meta Game
1.15 Do Not Disrespect Other Players Or Staff

Regimental Rules:
2.1 You Have To Stay In  A Regiment For 3 Days before Laving It For Another One (unless you have your commanders permission)
2.2 Do Not Shoot Your Gun Whenever You Feel Like It
2.3 CG Can Only Keep People Detained For A Maximum Of 7 Minutes (this excludes interrogations and events)
2.4 CG Are Not Allowed To Randomly Tase People
2.5 Rocket Boots Can Not Be Used In Space
2.6 Ships Can Only Be Spawned In A Hanger
2.7 Do Not Abuse Any Equipment Given To You


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